We, the graduate students of Florida Atlantic University, petition the university administration to engage in a serious conversation with its graduate students and department representatives regarding the conditions of our employment.

We feel that if FAU seeks to accomplish its goal of becoming an internationally respected teaching and research university, significant changes must be applied to improve the financial security of the graduate student body. By making these changes, we feel that it will not only encourage prospective graduate students at FAU to apply for GTA and GRA positions, but also increase recruitment from prospective graduate students outside of the school. In order to become more competitive with other universities, we suggest the following:

1. Annual stipends for Master’s and Ph.D. students increased to $15K and $30K¬†respectively.

2. A waiver for FAU Health Insurance.

3. A waiver for student fees.

4. Add subsidized housing for graduate students.

5. More accurate representation for graduate student interests at FAU.

6. Written agreement that these financial issues will be readdressed every 3-5 years.

7. A Union building for graduate students to meet/discuss/work.

8. Increase student travel funding budget by 25%  and provide a more efficient distribution of funds.

With Regards,

The FAU Starving Grads